Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~ Sexy Jumper !! ~

So I got incredibly sick of all those bulky jumpers to keep warm last winter, in my ramblings through books at the library, I found the book "Fitted Knits" by Stephanie Japel. Now this lady is amazing!!!!!! I love her online classes, her ideas at recycling and her books and from which I have learned a great deal about fitting clothes specifically knitware properly. I don't know how many times I got sick of a project simply because it was coming out too big or just shapeless. I really detest spending money on yarn and lots of time to make something that doesn't fit properly.

So I borrowed the book from the library (with the help of a friend as I had lost my card as usual) sat down with a notepad and a cup of really fancy german blend herbal tea (thank you Nora!!) and I learned how to refit patterns for my shape. The result was this lovely warm jumper and guess what actually fit!!!! Now, I really have to thank THECrazyGirl on rav . As the pattern i choose was /perfect-periwinkle-turtleneck-tube-vest from "Fitted Knits" and Leslie helped me so much with progressing from the turtle neck to the main section, as the pattern was quiet complicated here and I could not get it right. All I can say is a BIG, BIG thank you to someone who is half way around the world and still took the time to help me, so if there are any of you near any of leslie's yarn shops please pop in, the lady is truly an amazing lady.

Yes I know, you have had a sneeky look at the pattern before finishing my post and yes they do look different. I wanted something longer and that drew less attention to my chest so instead of starting the ribbing after the increasing rows just under your chest as suggested by Stephanie in the pattern, I continued in stockinette stitch while carrying the ribbing from the collar to the hem. I also increased the length of the jumper to draw more attention to my shape and to cover my bum (cause admit it girls, it gets cold in winter!!). I brought the ribbing back in for a hem, in a semi circle type of effect in the front and back joining up with the ribbing I had carried from the neck down.  Vola!!!! one fitted jumper that I can wear as much to the pub as I can to work. Its stretchy and comfy so if your feeling crappy about yourself just slip this little wonder on and it does wonders for self esteem.  This project got me through writing up my MSc. it was my therapy for those days when writing a thesis was the last thing I wanted to do. It helped with writers block and with the lack of good telly coming out of the xmas period. Seriously girls this is a timeless keeper and I cant recommend it enough.

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