Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~ Lelah Top ~

First of all this top can be found on Ravelry by Christine Buhariar here.

I wanted a summer knit that was relatively quick to knit and finish so i started off with  this pattern. If you are going to cast on please please do at least three repeats of lace pattern to work out your gauge. This lace part increases ALOT after the first and second row so instead of doing two repeats and working out your gauge take your time, do a few repeats and work it out. Believe me its a lot easier then having to rip it back like I had to. After further researching the posts on this top on ravelry, I found out that a number of people had the same problem as I had so I cant say it enough put the prep work in at the beginning. :)

I followed the pattern as written, from the bottom up, with 13 repeats of lace pattern, but i swapped the needle size to a size smaller for the last repeat of lace and for the eyelet holes. Then i swapped to a 4mm needle for the top stockinette part. I added short rows for a lower back as described by purlparable's including wrapping for a cleaner finish. I dont particularly like a strapless knit so I added wide baby blue ribbons that are removable, with a baby blue ribbon in the eyelet rows. 

To block this knit I used the steaming method (I know I can hear the cries of knitters out there). I know its lazy but I used Freedom Gorgeous by Twilleys of Stamford which is 75% bamboo. Now, having never used bamboo before I was surprised at how much this stretched, so I steam blocked this lace part by placing a towel under and over the top and by lightly spraying the top with water, folding the towel over the top and steam pressing the top. This finished the top beautifully the lace pattern looked stunning when blocked. 

If anyone is having problems with this top just drop me a mail or a comment and I will try and help you if I can. Also if any of you out there are looking for a decent yarn store check out the constant knitter.

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