Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~ Rivendell- A Wrap for Someone Special! ~

Rivendell was my first attempt at designing. I wanted something that had meaning for the person I was making it for and low and behold (after a few false starts) Rivendell was born. Lots of people have asked me where I started with this and it really was a combination of a few things. I have a pattern book called "The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches" by Harmony Guides which I flicked through (again with a cup of tea in tow) and I liked some of the panel patterns unfortunately none of them was quiet what I was looking for.  I wanted some with a Celtic feel but gave an elegant neckline and drew your attention to the persons face.

I also liked the versatility of the "highlander" type stole I had made previously, so I came up with this beauty. I made it holding the cygnet grey mix yarn double stranded for warmth and I introduced a crossing cable at either edge. I also started an insert panel but did not allow this to evlove into a cabling pattern untill after the first 20 or so rows. This gave a river like effect to the cabling on either end, slow to start but quiet busy and fast in the middle. This also did not pull the wrap too tight at the edges allow the width of the wrap to be used fully. There are also some eyelet type stitches in here either side of the panel insert. I have to say I really really didnt want to give this away when it was finished. 

Please do not let the bad photos fool you, this was actually lovely to wear and suited the girl really, really well. It was made for a dress and to hide a pregnancy bump and it worked :) It works into a nice scarf too as well as a wrap or a stole. I did pull my hair out a little on the false starts but once I had decided on what it was I wanted it was easy :)


  1. Your version of the Periwinkle Tube, or whatever it was called, looks fabulous on you! And thanks for the wonderful plug for Crazy Girl. :) What's next?

  2. Hey Leslie,

    It took so long to put this together, with finishing my masters and trying to figure out what I want to do in life, my projects kind of took second place. At the moment I am trying out a few ideas for a new shrug or cardigan for myself for the warmer weather so we will see how that goes *crosses fingers. Keep in touch :)