Friday, June 11, 2010

~ Haze Shrug ~

 update: you can now find the pattern for download over here

I wanted a quick knit to cover the top of my black dress at the back. I decided to see what my scribble mitt pattern would look like with lace weight yarn and to my surprise it looks GREAT. I have to say another big thank you to Rosemary for the wool, you were right it looks amazing. For those of you interested I bought the yarn here.

 I cast on 40 stitches but I am really petite, If I was doing this again I would use a minimum of 52 stitches, the pattern is worked over 3 + 1 stitches so you can adapt it for yourself. 

1. I did 10 rows of seed stitch on 5.5mm needles, with a long tail cast on.

2. I changed to 8 mm needles and carried out the pattern here for my scribble mitts:

3. When it reached from shoulder to shoulder across my back, I changed back again to size 5.5mm needles and did 10 rows of seed stitch again. (If you want longer sleeves, just continue for the length required and sow in the ends a little longer. This does adapt to a bell short sleeve well)

4. cast off and leave a long tail.

5. The area that has the seed stitch and the first two rows of pattern you sow in with the cast off tails on either side. and ta da there you go a shrug made in a day :) Don't forget to block I steamed blocked it as I wanted to wear it the day I made it.

Hope this helps, I will post a proper one soon, im really hungry.


  1. lovely!
    unfortunately the link doesn't work - can you fix it?
    thanks from germany!

  2. Hey Daria,

    sorry I edited the blog on sat and never changed the links. Anyway its working now :) alternatively you could just go back to the main blog page if any of the others dont work. I will get a chance to fix the rest today.