About me

Who is T. Bunny Knits? 
T. Bunny
My education is in science and chemistry but I'm a knitter at heart who loves to play with yarn and inspire younger people to knit. Recently I have learned to crochet and spin and look forward to seeing where these pursuits lead me.  

What is T. Bunny Knits?
My blog is where I share my views on yarn and all types of crafts. You can see my day to day progress and fudges along with some help given *freely* by the buns. 

Other Projects and Interests?
I love animals, nature and just generally being outdoors either by the sea or in a forest, it can be lashing out of the heavens and this will still make me smile. In winter, I hibernate, wrapped up on a comfy couch in front of a warm fire with knitting and some very playful bunnies to keep me entertained. 

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