Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~ The Scribble ~

Well as all you knitters know, alot of the time inspiration comes from others and well with me, this one happens to be from another DKC meeting at the chocolate bar. I really can't stress enough how wonderfully helpful these people are. I have yet to go to a meeting (I do miss quiet a few though) and not sit beside someone new. This meeting lead to a combination of chic with stix and the constant knitter introducing me to the scribble scarf!!.

I was instantly hooked, it was young, funky and yes made with my new obsession ..........kid silk. I was thinking "hmmm this is a good project to use up old yarn from winter projects" and it looked quick and easy. I had the yarn from the visit to the constant knitter store, I had the needles......there was nothing left to do except abandon my new bunny to the care of my boyfriend and pack my bag for the weekend and head home to visit my nana :) I cast on, on a Saturday and by the time I left on Sunday (full to the brim with tea and Fox's party rings from my nana) I was done with one ball of kid silk. I loved how this project just evolved, and so far any of the projects I have seen mixed with varying weighted yarns all look completely different and mine is no exception. I hope you like what I have done with this, I enjoyed it very much I just cant decide to cast off now or to make it a bit longer. I guess time and some more herbal tea (supplied by nora) will tell.

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