Friday, May 11, 2012

Textile Thursday - Alpaca Blanket Day

Yip I'm getting a little bit liberal when I call this a throw, this is really a large toddler blanket and measures 35 by 48 inches. This really didn't take any time to weave at all but oh man the hem stitching! After soaking in her luxury bath this blanket bloomed and turned into a really soft piece. This is my first ever blanket so I'm very proud of her.

Now I tried my best to get some good photos of her but the dungeon of darkness we live in (she is a beautiful duplex but really dark) and these are the best two:

Hanging on the couch
This one I  tried to capture the texture of the blanket so please forgive the blurring:


Now I did try with these photos, the grey in the blanket is just crazy when it comes to light. The light just bounces right off it and because this place is so dark sometimes thats impossible not to use a flash. Now I hear you, I could have gone outside to what use to be a lovely area, now it's full of diggers and builders on all four sides and EVERYTHING has that thin film of dust on it because of that dang wind :( So I can safely say I am not taking her out there for a photo. 

I'll take her on a picnic soon just so we can take some lovely pictures of her.

See you next week


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all this weaving you're doing. And it's fantastic how it scales up from the finest lace to chunky blankets... absolutely beautiful.

    1. thank you Julie, I'm really in love with weaving so much so I have lost my knitting mojo....