Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Bunday (and 30th Birthday Countdown - Day 2)

Ninja Bunny
First of all 'Happy Bunday' although here it was not a 'happy' day. Today Berry managed to dive behind the T.V in such a way that I thought I was chasing Ninja, the adorable flopped out bunny above. Alas, no. I was in fact chasing Berry, the slayer of cables.

She had managed to cut through the following:

  • The internet cable
  • The power cable for the Acer that runs our T.V. system
  • The USB cable (used as a connector cable here)
  • The insulation of the power cable for the T.V. 

and all in under 5 minutes it took for me to move the T.V. stand and chase her out of her idea of heaven. Needless to say we are not impressed but it is hard to be angry as its only 1 day to go before my birthday and my trip YEAY.  J however is angry enough for the both of us.

Oh and this is a picture of what Ninja was doing the entire time I was chasing a fat bunny around the room like a mad woman:
'This is my box'
Yip Ninja was quite happy digging away in his box until Berry started stamping at me for chasing her, then he turned into  the bunny drummer from hell. He stamped and started lunging at me for chasing his precious Berry.

And all of this BEFORE I got into work today. Thankfully I met some wonderful fibre people today and I even had some wonderful spaghetti bolognese made by J which makes me eat like a glutton and I end up holding my tummy in pain because its too full. No matter what, I cannot leave ANY of it behind........... 

sigh it may not sound like it but today was a good day :)

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