Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Bunday - Bunny V's Rich Tea

On and off I have mentioned how my rabbit Berry has a slight soft spot for Custard Creams. Well yesterday I have learned that this has developed into a Rich Tea obsession. Yes I can really only use the word obsession because when she hears the rustling of the packet (yes she can tell the difference of biscuit packets) she turns into a feral creature almost drooling at the mouth.

Now those of you that have been following the buns know that back in early 2011,  there was a great custard cream incident,  if not let me refresh your memory. It was a bitterly cold winter with lots of snow and ice, more than we normally deal with here in Dublin and Berry was about 9 months old. I was sick with the flu and in bed. Now my bedroom shared a wall with our sitting room so I could hear the general moving about of J  making his tea as he got home from work. He really nicely brought me in some hot tea, I sniffled tried not to cough on him and continued to read my book (It was game of thrones btw). About 10 minutes later I hear some really loud profanities and a tearing of bunny paws ending with a bunny dive into a cage.

I got up out of bed (not to fast mind you) headed into the sitting room to find J, covered in freshly brewed tea and some smashing of custard creams on his shirt. He non too kindly told me that Berry had stolen the custard cream out of his hand as he was dunking it into his tea. He yelled at her, she freaked out and bunny dived to her cage with the custard cream in tow.

Berry has never been allowed custard creams ever! But she will try to steal them and she is a cunning bunny.

Yesterday, similar situation, Berry flopped out with Ninja on her carpet. J sitting eating tea and biscuits (rich tea) and me weaving. Berry growing wiser in her bunny years, twitched her ears ad feigned no interest but waited until J had eaten his fill and was nestling his tea before bounding at the side table, knocking over the table and the top few biscuits scattered to the floor. J utters some more profanities and Berry bunny dives to her cage with Rich Tea in tow.

Life lesson: Never ever trust a bunny!

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