Monday, May 28, 2012

30th Birthday - Beautiful Waterford

Waterford City and the Viking Triangle - May 2012
I know there are a few of you who wanted to know where I was whisked off too on my birthday well it was Waterford City during some of the most beautiful weather we have had this year.  After work on the 22nd and a happy birthday hug from SkippyKnits it was a trip to the the train station where J collected me and put me out of my misery (only after we where on the train mind you). Settling in for a 3 hour journey I got to work with my Finto stash, which L pictured for me on Saturday. 

We stayed at the Tower Hotel which over looks Reginald's Tower (pictured above) and is smack bam in the town center. We got to do so much that I really do not want to bore you with all the details so here are a few pictures that help round up my Birthday.

Waterford Crystal Clock
Being a craft person I really wanted to see the glass blowing at Waterford Crystal. This was great and the tour only took 30 minutes.The master crafts men in each of the sections (blows, cutters and etchers) where really friendly and answered lots and lots of questions.  The tour ends in their exquisite showroom and I was blown away by their attention to detail while showing off their work.

Both of us love historical buildings and historical crafts and swords. Waterford was no disappointment. I got to take part in some viking basket weaving, see some amazing cloth weaving and I got to tour Bishop's palace and Reginald's Tower in small tour groups of 5 and under. Best of all my birthday lunch involved local cheeses and was followed by some very fancy swords :D

One of the best birthday surprises was my birthday dinner where we got to take a private candlelit booth at Bodega restaurant. By far this was the best food we had while in Waterford City, most of all I was bouncing up and down because the booth was surrounded by wine which had sheep on the labels.

Waterfor Castle Hotel
The following day was a scorcher so we took a wonderful river cruise on the Suir. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the castle hotel and picnic with the deer because I got distracted by something shiny (as normal) and  I was so wiped out from everything that I convinced J to finish our time here with some iced cider in the sun over looking the river.

River Cruise on the Suir

All in all it was a wonderful birthday from the craft night out with you wonderful people to the late night in Yamamori and the market bar, from weaving lessons to my trip you guys are wonderful and I really appreciate all the kind wishes and happy birthdays. I don't feel so bad turning 30 now :)

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