Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Bunday

My box

After a little break from the blog due to my birthday and the pull of this glorious sunshine, I finally got a chance to post today. During our break away, our buns were again looked after by some wonderful friends. Before we left we made sure our buns had everything they needed some greens they love etc. 

Upon our return we expected some joy instead we got 'oh great, you guys are back'. No welcoming binkies, no sniffs, in short no love. It turns out the bunnies had such a great time while we where in Waterford that they did not want us to return. That or they are trying to make us guilty. Ninja just plays in his box and Berry wouldn't even come out of her cage. I'm sure its to make us feel guilty.........

I said 'This is MY box'
Today with the glorious weather continuing the bunnies are enjoying relaxing and being too lazy to destroy things. I'll take the peace when I can get  it.


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