Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stash Busting Saturday

 Today was a rainy, horrible Saturday and I decided today would be stash busting day. For a long time now I have wanted to frame the last knitted garment I made my mum but I was unsure how to go about it. I'm not sure where this whole idea came from but the three above pictures are my new addition to my craft area. 

This item is  the flower scarf by Robyn Dilberto, its a fantastic knit and I made mine from half a ball of drops alpaca in raspberry. The brioche stitch allows this to be warm while giving this alot more texture then you would expect from a 5-ply yarn. I really do love this and I knew I would never wear it so I am glad this has now found a home.
The knitted section of T.Bunny Knits came from a number of different ideas but I will try and explain how it is constructed. The knitting needles at the bottom are cocktail sticks with one point cut off. I then added a bead that I use for stitch markers, by placing a small amount of glue on the stick and holding the bead in place for a minute. The small balls of yarn are bits of leftovers with the purple ball a small section of the DKC's homespun yarn. The letters were made by printing out a the words in a large font, using this as a template I cut these out in cardboard from an old ceral box. I then covered them in glue and wrapped them in james c brett twinkle yarn.  The backing is knitted from some 80's stash yarn that I inherited from my friends mother. The photo does it no justice here but its cream with multi-coloured embroidery yarn spun into it.

The final drawing above is my bunny logo that a wonderful artist named Liz Seaver drew for me. If you guys have the time you should have a quick listen to her music, there are no words to describe her amazing voice, even if I am a teeny weeny bit biased.  I need to fix these in the frames properly and the letters need setting, but I thought you guys would like a quick view into my idea for stash busting. I now have to cast on for the Contemporary Irish Knits KAL that is happening over here. I am aiming for Straboy but lets see how it goes :/

And for no reason at all here is a gratuitous picture of my inspiration:


  1. Oooh, I love this idea, and what an amazing way to commemorate the last piece of knitting you did for your mum.

  2. Also meant to add, more gratuitous pics of buns please!!

  3. I love the framed yarn, it's great! The cocktail sticks are cute too :)

  4. Thanks guys :) And I will try to add more gratuitous pictures of the buns!!