Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Knitting

September has always been a month when I get this internal burst of energy to be creative and start to knuckle down. I have no idea why it has become this way, maybe I am just conditioned from my years in education but I am more than happy to take advantage of it. 

With this new found energy in tow, I sat down and actually started using my Ravelry queue for its intended purpose. The projects are slowly ticking to the top and I actually come away with the feeling of being productive. As I am not working at the moment, I get to fully enjoy all there is about having a hobby, a craft of my own. I get to be productive while job hunting. I get to watch something beautiful grow and evolve before my eyes depending on my mood of the day and most of all the objects of my creativity brings other people happiness too, for example my recently completed baby knits pictured here.

 I now have my very first large stash of yarn, most of which have projects in mind but there are one or two that are still floaters. These are the ones that interest me most as they are yet to be pinned down. These are the ones from which my inspiration stems every time I go near my stash box. I have noticed, that even if I don't want to or feel like it, I find myself smiling just at the potential projects, gifts or even ugh's. 

With this new energy and stash combined, I plan my queue with people  that I care about in mind.Very few projects are for myself, so those that are will be cast on at the same time as gifts, for when that green eyed monster comes around. Or in the case of this week, my wrist gives in and I need to swap from heavy projects to lightweight. Doing this and having this craft does give me a sense of fulfillment that I have never had from anything else, even when the projects are ughs! Which I find to be amazing, in a time when people are unemployed, cutting back on spending etc.

One thing I have to say before I go, is that I would not have met the people I have nor have these feelings of fulfillment, joy or productiveness without having been raised the way I have by two very strong willed women. So to both my mum and my nana, a massive THANK YOU from the once uninterested child, the one who would never sit quiet enough to finish that teddy bear or hot water bottle cover. Thank you for passing on your knowledge, for having the patience to teach me. I only hope that one day, I can give something similar to a little girl of my own, though if she is anything like me, I will be long gone grey before I can get her to sit quiet enough. :)

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