Saturday, October 8, 2011

Make and Do Saturday

I do realise that this is suppose to be a 'knit' blog but I had to share my crafty Saturday. Halloween is my favourite holiday, I love the spirit, the costumes, the crafts and well, best of all the treats! So for the month of October, I am going to be 'crafting' some items, doing some pumpkin carving and of course lots of knitting. All of which I will be sharing on my blog.

All of this started with some browsing on , while thinking of a theme and a colour scheme I liked. Then it all happened at once, I went into a Euro shop and found a child's witches broom for a euro, a bunch of black roses for a euro, some doilies for a euro and a black frame for guess what....a euro. I ran home with my purchases and started on my destruction with glee. I ripped the broom apart, I wrenched the roses into pieces and got out some overpriced spray paint from the Art & Hobby shop. Tearing through my hoards under the stairs I found some glass jars I saved too. Now I had all my ingredients, I started making and doing.

My two glass jars were covered in the lacy part of the doilies and spray painted black. While these were drying I made my flower arrangement and printed out some subway art. When the paint was dry I added all of this together on chest of drawers along with our friendly house Troll!

The next thing I am really proud of is our photo display, though I still havn't figured out how to hang these properly but I really do love them. Lets face it, who doesn't like some cereal box art????? I just cut some cereal boxes in half, covered them in fabric / paper. Then I added some mounts and pictures. The ribbon I got for about 3 euro from The Woolen Mills and the buttons I already had. I just played with the ribbon etc till I found a display I liked.  The photos were taken by my other half and I just picked ones that went with the autumn vibe I had going.

Well, I hope I inspired you to get crafting for the month of October. I am going to leave you with my favourite picture of this little project and that is the pattern my glass jar makes when lit. Have (an albeit early) Happy Halloween.

*runs off to think up some bunny costumes*

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