Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Blanket Bunday

For those of you who have seen me knit this in public, you will know how much I hated making this blanket. I hated the yarn, how it was knitting up and I was just generally bored. Well what can I say, its amazing how blocking changes a project. This blanket went from a gift I was ashamed to give away, to something I am really proud of.

The blanket by itself I thought was a bit bland as you can see here so I decided to add a monogram to the bottom corner. I shaped after about an hour of working out a chart for the letter L, I got down to working on it and it turned out really well and I know a certain lady who is going to be over the moon with this for her new daughter. 

Today I also made myself a new menu board for my fridge. Its basically a frame with fancy wrapping paper inside it. Then using a dry wipe marker you can write whatever you like on the glass. I imagine it is going to end up as my craft to do list but I like it :)

Oh and because you asked yet another picture of my bun and yes she dissapproves.....Happy Bunday Everyone.

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  1. I love the monogram on the blanket, a great way to personalise a gift. The menu board is something I've seen on crafty blogs and have wanted to try it too! Yous looks great :)