Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~ Socks Ahoy ~

Ok so for those of you who know me and have been at knitting gatherings with me, you know that I am not a sock lover. I do not knit socks!! Yet I now believe that my mistake was that I always made toe up socks. Today I sat down while procrastinating (with coffee, cake and NCIS) and above is the result. I was trying out some different sizes, I'm a small but I'm wearing a medium size in the pic. I was trying out a pattern for gauntlets and socks and above is the result of my mathematical skills at work (or play its a fine line with me). 

The cuff is ribbing which flows into my fake cable which then flows down the side of the sock, it has just enough going on to avoid the "boring sock syndrome" while the 4 row repeat pattern (which looks more complicated than it is) gives it a little bit of juice!! Its possible to knit these while watching tv which in my book is a plus :) I tried to grab some pictures but I know they arnt the best I will be knocking on johns door sometime soon with socks and gauntlets to be pictured. If anyone is interested in test knitting these can you send me a mail please?  to the side is a picture of the cuff and  below is a picture of the main pattern section. I think I am slowly being won over by sock knitting and I am starting to have dreams of  symphonie double points. This is also my" try and win Diane over" socks...... so my question is "will these make your needles leap into action"?

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