Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~ New Blog and Cruise Visitors ~

Well as you all can see the construction of my new blog is well underway , just my blog title and my bunny to go. I hope you all like it. The pages will go live in conjunction with the patterns going live in September here. Let me know what you all think and if there are any issues (loading times etc.) I can change things around.

As I posted yesterday, I had a little visit to Rosemary (to squish some yarn and to drop off some patterns) this coincided with afternoon tea and coffee (with baked goods :D) and a rather large visit from a number of knitting cruise members!!!!! Now the first thing that went into my head was "knitting cruise - Whats a knitting cruise?" Well a knitting cruise is apparently what it says on the tin, just like a bridge cruise etc except knitting is encouraged on board the luxury liner and these lucky ladies got to sale from port to port visiting new and exciting yarn shops at every destination. Some of these ladies had quiet the stash already but here in Dublin they visited This is KnitThe Jameson Distillery and finally for some refreshment and more yarn squishing The Constant Knitter. I didnt manage to grab that many photos between the laughter, baked goods and FO's the ladies had brought along, but here are a few:
Clapotis in Angora!!!!!!

Afternoon tea
Wool and Tea (Better than the boat I heard!!!)

Yarn and Whiskey!!!!!!!
I was also lucky enough to meet two lovely ladies Kim and Karen from Maryland, USA who loved my Vine Shrug so much they bought yarn to make their own!!!! So they made me a very happy bunny :)

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