Friday, June 29, 2012

Textile Thursday - Crochet Cowl

This Textile Thursday is a little late and my apologies for that. The bunny doctor has been and gone and today I finally get to show you my first ever crochet shawl - Pia!!!


This pattern is a free ravelry crochet pattern by Pia Linden which you can find here. I really enjoyed this pattern and it took away a few of my feelings of dread towards crochet. First of all, my comfort zone is knitting and my ventures into weaving and crochet have allowed me to expand my craftiness. When I weave or learn a new crochet technique I get that butterfly feeling in my stomach that for some reason does not exist  when I knit. I love learning new things and this pattern helped me grasp the techniques used to create a triangular crochet shawl. I also learned how to do crochet nupps!!!!!!!

Look .....cnupps!!!
So with this pattern under my belt, I have ventured forth in to Pax by Aoibhe Ni.  I love Aoibhe's patterns   and Snapdragon is THE reason I took up a crochet hook (this has mostly to do with it hanging in This is Knit for a few weeks waving its gorgeous Hedgehog Fibre colours at me). I was daunted by the idea of using charts and crochet lace but with the help of her online videos and well constructed patterns I suddenly found that I was working some very beautiful tunsian crochet in BFL by Hedgehog Fibre. 

Pax - under construction

I was trying to get a good photo of how well this pattern suits the variation of the yarn, alas my apartment is still the dark pit of Dublin that it has always been, even on a bright day like today. So I tried to zoom in and take a picture for you to have an idea. I am very confident that this will block well and will show off the short rows beautifully but for now this is the best picture I could get. (Yes I really need to do the photography class by Elven and Jewelndarlin

Close up of BFL

I really hope that my wrist holds up and that I can finish this by next Thursday - eep

See you then

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