Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Bunday

**warning this post has numerous pictures of bunnies**
Today I was having a hard time figuring out what to post so I started going through our pictures of the buns. I realised that I somehow missed Berry's Birthday with us. We got Berry in June 2010 (for my 28th birthday you can read about that here). So for today, Berry, This is your Life (insert proper musical accompaniment here)

Baby Berry
From a little bun , Berry was always hard work and pretty much a diva in every way, though its hard to be cross with something that is pretty much a fluff ball. She never really liked being held but LOVES cuddles and pets (the harder the better). Berry never really had any fear and makes J's collie submit to her every time she visits. This started when she was about 6 months old, yes she was pretty much in charge from the start. 

July 2010
By Christmas 2010 Berry was almost fully grown and was very tolerant to my knitting, she even sported some head wear that was carefully had crafted just for her. Come to think of it this could be why she now destroys my knitting with glee. 

Santa Bunny Xmas 2010/2011

2011 was a blur for us and for Berry with many horrible things happening but Berry never gave us much trouble with all her commuting. She even allowed us to pick her up more over that year and she was comfortable enough to zone out see:

zoned out Berry

What we see (yes I took all the bad pictures)
2011 lead to both of the hoomins working, so Berry got a little lonely so we re-homed Ninja and now they are pretty much inseparable.

She loves him really, shes just grumpy on mondays

see bunny kisses

So much has happened I really can't put it into words, though I tried earlier in the post and it has gotten away from me. I will leave you with some bunny kisses and cute bunny pictures:


'she's a good lookin' bunny'