Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's been a long time coming

So the last post on this blog was waaaay back in June 2012 and now is June 2014 and I really don't know how to sum up the last 2 years!!! Well first off I got married in September 2013, so that explains the loss of about a year between work (which I *love*) and preparing for a wedding which we organised mostly between ourselves so the blog took a back seat. I am working on moving to wordpress so I will be posting about moving over yonder soon.

Now, I know most of you will be wondering how the buns are doing, well they are perfectly fine. I had to crawl about on my tummy to get this picture but they are doing really well. Ninja is fully grown now and is coming around thanks to some raisins. Berry is still being Berry i.e. a drama bunny. Lots of ear throwing and kicking turning into binkying when she hears the raisin jar.

Also towards the end of 2013 we found out that we are having a Little Trouble Bunny of our own, who is expected to arrive some time in June 2014 and let me tell you bump is one little kicker already. We have spent the last 2 years moving from town to my fabulous in-laws and also buying a house of our own (which is none to easy in these times). So the next few posts I'm going to do will be either wedding / knitting / bunny / house related :) It will be a bit sporadic as the little one is due soon but hang in there and I will get you up to speed on all projects.


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