Thursday, April 19, 2012

Textile Thursday -Weaving

Textile Thursday - have a peek at the fibre I'm using this week....  

Nature Spun Woven Scarf
This week I have been completely engrossed in anything to do with my loom. The project I am most proud of is the above scarf which is woven from 2 skeins of Nature Spun Blueberry (Warp) and Nature Spun Cresting (weft). Which means even with the beads this scarf only cost 10 euro to make and she is GORGEOUS!! 

Warped Loom
For this scarf I used a 4 x 4 leno lace on the ends which I beaded by placing the beads on the weft yarn  and knocking them in place during the lace row. I continued in plain weave until I reached 4 inches and worked a 2 x  2 leno lace twice. I had to be careful not to allow the beads to make holes in the weaving as I went a long but she is definitely worth it and I think for my next project I will weave the beads into the larger lace work area. 

My other weaving project this week was with Elfen Opal Sock yarn. Opal was interesting because it contains 25% nylon and I wanted to calculate on my loom how much the finished object would shrink by after weaving. As there is so much tension on the loom you can often misjudge the length of a garment especially with a stretchy yarn like this one. It is also harder to weave and harder to keep tension even. But I think she is worth it no??? And this little gen only took 1 night to weave and cost 10.95e. 

Opal Scarf
Don't worry I'm still working on all my other knitting projects and Loomy has been put under the bed in preparation for tomorrow's onslaught of house viewers. So Its time for a coffee and some breakfast and off to This is Knit.