Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Bunday

There is love....but just not for you, pesky hoomin!!

There is only one way I can explain the above picture, pure hatred of me. I spent yesterday weaving and generally lying about feeling slightly sick (stupid cold) and the bunnies did not get their normal amount of free roaming time they normally do. This on top of spending friday in their cage in a friends house = 2 unhappy bunnies.  Being the lovable buns they are, they aired their 'grievances' by display all kinds of affection towards each other, like in the above picture but just not to myself or J. 

They turned their back on us when we tried bribing them with raisins (oh yes, you have to bribe a bunny for some love sometimes) but no dice. We tried sitting on the floor with their favourite toy (a cardboard box we turned into a bunny house) nope still nada. We tried kale and basil and nothing not even a slight binky. Our bunnies are telling us that we hoomins i.e. the food and space vendors are failing. It has been two whole days now...TWO and I want some bunny love people!!!! At this stage I'd even take a clothes nibble.

I have even tried custard creams and rich tea biscuits and nothing :( 

Today is not a happy bunday for me, lets see if my buns turn a corner this week  

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