Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ Pattern Launch and KAL (A Guide to Scarf Knits....) ~

Well I guess this has been a long time in the making but a few of my patterns are available for download from here or you can browse my pattern page. As more objects finish testing, more links will go live but for now I just wanted to say a huge thank you to whirl123 and Rosmeary for all your help over the last few months. Whirl123 (aka Wendy) your amazing and one day I aim to be as web efficient as you, it just may take me a while.Over the next while I will add more patterns slowly to Ravelry but for now with everything that is happening I'm delighted with the mails and response from people (its all helpful).

To change the subject ever so slightly, my KAL project is taking its time but now that I have a little free time this week, Ill get right back on the needles. So for those of you who don't know the constant knitter is running a KAL this November and it is the gorgeous lace-ribbon-scarf by Vernoik Avery (Knitty spring 2008) . Now scarf knitting to me has always been a little tedious because I get halfway and I'm bored but this scarf is actually a fun TV knit with changes every 11 rows to keep you interested. I myself had a few false starts with the pattern but if you check out the forum, you will see that almost everyone had some problem or other, so without further a do here is my guide to scarf knitting:
  1. Always have tea / chocolate and a stash of movies / tv you want to catch up on.
  2. If need be, use your scarf project to convert your unsuspecting housemate / loved one into learning the craft and end up getting them to knit/ crochet some of it for you (heh heh)
  3. If number two fails try bribery with chocolate from step one, ensuring the person that the scarf knitting will be "therapeutic".....................
  4. Order your children to do a few rows as punishment!! (warning this only works on scarves that are easy to knit and your child may end up hating the craft altogther)
  5. You could conduct a scarf swap with someone (again bribery works well here).
  6. Teach your pet how to knit or crochet ( I have actually thought long and hard about whether or not I could teach Berry how to hold needles or if I tied them to her paws would she make anything)
  7. Use thick yarn and large needles the project will go faster.
  8. Find a friend who wants to knit the same scarf as you and have a sort of buddy system, this works really well.
  9. Now this final step should only be used if your making the scarf for a friend or loved one who wanted the scarf because of a magazine or some famous person was wearing it and its "the" new hot fashion trend... knit/ crochet the scarf so they can see you working on it and say how much you would love that cup of tea or dinner *ahem* and say you would stop knitting but this scarf is has to be so long it will never be finished in time for *......insert relevant event here........* (use puppy eyes at your own risk) they will feel guilty and offer to make you tea or dinner or if your lucky offer you something nice in return for your knitting / crochet skills
and finally because I think this blog post is too long already, just enjoy the mindless knitting of a scarf, if you can't, just remember all those times you worked long and hard on intricate lace details or figuring out new cast - on or bind off methods, use the scarf as a treat to your knitting self. It will be over all too soon and in the end we all love our scarves anway, just look at these happy faces:

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