Thursday, July 8, 2010

~ Marshmallow Knitting ~

Yesterday I was in a position like many of you have before were you needed a quick gift that was not too expensive. Now luckily enough i noticed this yarn the day before and I went straight back bought it and 4 meters of sparkly purple trimming and the result was Katies Sparkly Marshmallow Scarf (which im now finding hard to give away as purple is my favorite colour too!!!!

I added pics here of it so you can have a goo it works out pretty ok cost wise and is done in about an hour including weaving in the trimming. The one bad thing i have to say about it is that this cant really be called knitting its more like wrapping a scarf together so great for little ones if they want to learn how to knit.

After this was so quick and I had loads of yarn left over (if you can call it yarn) so I made the skninny scarf from the rest of the ball. I looks great, I didnt use any trimming on it and it was done in about 30 minutes. Though the one thing everyone has failed to mention is that you spend at least an hour untangling the material before you can use it, but in the end 2 scarves for the price of one  (while watching the footie)and they arnt too shabby if I do say so myself. (now just try and look past the transformers t shirt and look at the scarf :) )

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